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Monday 3 February 2014

Stevenson Projects "Weekender"

This is an example of the Stevenson Projects "Weekender"  built by Charlie Duerr of Jackson, Wyoming, USA.

Charlie explains "The boat isn't a tacking boat at all due to the small keel, but she really goes across the wind or running! I have spent the last 4 years Abusing her and testing her limits in WY, but have only turtled her once... During a crazy thunder storm. But, luckly she sails like a Dingy and rights like one too... Just stand on the keel and she comes right back up!"

The weekender is described as a boat that borrows some good ideas from the golden age of working sail, as well as some new wrinkles from space-age materials and power systems. It's a project that combines the best of both worlds-the classic lines of the sea-wise sloops of the turn of the century-and the quick-to-build, lightweight, low maintenance of modern materials.

Weekender is only one of many interesting pocket yachts and day sailors designed for DIY construction.

L.O.A.: 19'6" L.O.D.: 16' BEAM: 6' DRAFT: 3' (1' w/RUDDER UP) HULL WEIGHT: 550LBS SAIL AREA: 120 SQ.FT

I had to look up Wyoming which is about as far from the sea as you can get in the United States, none the less Charlie has a great little boat and what some fantastic locations for sailing.

For more details about Charlie's boat please see the Stevenson's Project pages and thanks very much for sharing with us.


  1. 'The boat isn't a tacking boat at all" I hope this is a gross over statement because if it's not then No thanks! It's a pretty boat but hardly a "sailboat" more like a sail barge. In my book a sailboat that can't tack to windward is patently unsafe.

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  3. I think you will find Stevenson's Weekenders will tack on a dime. They are good to windward. I have sailed up many Creeks and Rivers against the wind with no problems. These are highly underated boats. I sailed mine in 6' seas and 25knots, It felt very safe and dry. For a 15' sailboat they are very seaworthy. They are easy to build and a lot of fun.

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  6. What is the freeboard height on this boat?

  7. Hey! Looking into building this boat. Interested in the freeboard, what is the height? Does it seem good? Thanks