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Friday 22 April 2011

Greek fishing boat in Skopelos Town Harbour

This is just what 1001 Boats is all about, Graham of Port -Na-Storm blog send me an email with a couple of pictures of a small fishing boat he's spotted while on holiday in Greece.

In Graham's own words

" I saw this little Greek fishing boat in Skopelos Town Harbour last year and fell in love.

I don’t know how typical she is or what the type is called.

She seemed different from all the other local boats because instead of the usual double end shape which look almost Nordic, she has this plumb stem flared midships and counter stern, really lovely. I reckon she must have been around 18-20 feet in length.

I’m guessing the rig is Lateen judging by the length of that yard, I’d love to see her sailing."

She certainly is lovely, we have some followers who are much more familiar with traditional Mediterranean boats than Graham and I, so maybe they might be able to comment on the design?

And as a final thought if you have a favorite boat or just one that you like, please send us some details, 1001 Boats don't have to be historic, or expensive, just boats that you like - don't be shy.

We're expecting to feature Graham's beautiful Coot dinghy very soon.


  1. Hi ! this is probably a traditional greek boat, very similar to our boats in the west Med sea (Mallorca, Spain). This is a boat to fish (the sail is not too big) . I'll try to send you a pic of my boat and some other and you can judge yourself about the shapes and type of boat. Nice blog by the way. I attach you some interesting links about us:



    best regards


  2. Hi, this is a traditional varkalas. It used to be very common in the Aegean islands. It must have been builted for fishing, as LA MAR said, because of the semi-closed deck. Have a look ate another boat of this type here

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  5. I have never been to Skopelos, i think i might give it try after reading this one. :)

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