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Friday 4 March 2011

Concordia Sloopboat, Feather

Glenn Woodbury is skipper of this little sloop which was designed in the mid-1960's by Captain R.D. "Pete" Culler when he was working at the Concordia Company in South Dartmouth, Massachusetts, USA.

Feather was built by John Graham in Sausalito, California in 1983 and now resides on Marrowstone Island in Washington state.

Glenn describes his fine vessel:

"She is clinker built, 17'-8" long, 5 feet wide, and draws 18 inches with the centerboard up and 3 feet with it down. She is rigged as a gaff knockabout sloop with 172 square feet of sail, 127sq ft main and 45sq ft in the jib. There is no standing rigging and the jib is set flying. She displaces 1240 pounds with rig and anchor and carries as many as six adults. She has two sets of reef cringles in the mainsail, allowing her to sail to weather in 35 knots of wind with both reefs in and the jib set"

I have sailed in company with Feather and she is as fine a small boat as you will ever find.


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  1. The boat is a visual feast. I wonder how the hull compares to Coquina?