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Tuesday 14 June 2011

Rushton Princess

Described as "A paddleable sailing canoe for use by one or two people, based on J.H Rushton's Princess model, built using modern timber construction" suggests that builder John Floutier is perhaps a master of understatement. She is a beautiful example of a canoe yawl.

Sailing and exploring in these small craft was popularised during Victorian times, perhaps the most famous being John "Rob Roy" Mac Gregor who voyaged across Europe, the Baltic and even the river Jordan aboard a small sailing canoe.

On his web pages John echo's the sentiment that many of us have with larger boats, that is the loss of freedom and the plain simplicity of enjoyment that small boats can provide, allowing us to sail to places that our larger boats simply cannot go.

LOA : 15' 8"

Beam: 32"

Sail area: 45+20= 65 sq ft

Hull weight : 80 lb approx

Built in 4mm ply with mahogany keel, stern and stem post and ash rails, coaming and trim, the detail and finish is simply superb.

If you read John's account of cruising the Western Isles you will see that Rushton Princess is no pampered show boat.


  1. John Floutier's Rushton Princess is one of my favourities and I'm amazing in this video of launch day:

  2. Another Smart post from you Admin :)