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Monday 5 September 2011

Stone Horse 23

The Stone Horse 23, cutter-rigged pocket cruiser.
Sam Crocker designed the Stone Horse 23 in 1931 after the tradition of the small working vessels that evolved along the New England coast during the days of sail. In 1968, Edey & Duff adapted it to fiberglass but retained both the performance and beauty of the original with classic lines, a generous nature and quick response to a light touch.

A sloop with two headsails, the Stone Horse, with its large mainsail, moves in the merest whisper of a breeze while the long keel holds it on course and facilitates self-steering. The boat is safe, responsive and a sheer delight even in high-wind conditions that leave other boats at their moorings. The 8-foot cockpit welcomes guests and stays dry.

The mahogany-trimmed cabin has sitting headroom and enough space for an afternoon nap, or for several days of cruising.

There are no winches, various blocks and purchases provide mechanical advantage.
Her classic lines, wooden spars, bowsprit, and boomkin are fittingly eye-catching.

I had the pleasure of sailing in company with the two Stone Horse pictured here, in the Salish Sea this summer.

Impressive vessels indeed.


  1. About as perfect a coastal cruiser as you could want.

  2. Stone Horse looks better "in the flesh" than in photos or her lines drawings.

    Some years ago, at a boat show I was chatting with Peter Duff, of Edey & Duff, the builder of the fiberglass version (the original design was for wood, and I suspect that Skip Crocker, of Crocker's Boatyard, still has the plans). A man came up, squinted at Peter's name tag and asked, "Do you make these?" "Nope," was Peter's reply. "We build 'em."

  3. See 'em in the flesh at the 2011 Stone Horse Builder's Cup & Rendezvous at the following url on Scuttlebutt,


  4. Another Smart post from you Admin :)

  5. I lived aboard AMETHYST, an Edey & Duff built Stone Horse, for 10 years cruising with the seasons on the ICW from Massachusetts to Florida yearly and am writing a book about that adventure. Mine was consistently upgraded to reflect the details I wanted plus some changes that needed to be done. The gooseneck was never great and the builders skimped on the thickness of the sole and bow rollers were needed, but Crocker's original design was fabulous. She tracks straight as an arrow with a light helm and moves with a good turn of speed at 6 to 7 knots, plus she's easy to handle in rough conditions offshore. There is no other boat I would ever want, she is still stunning to look at and received compliments everywhere I went along the coast.

  6. Joseph Young - how is that book coming ...? I have # 24 Rosie and I'm very interested to learn about changes you made. I also wonder whether you are connected to the Stone Horse groups on yahoo or facebook ...? If you see this, please drop me a message: rhastings@nixonpeabody.com ... best - Rip

    1. Hello, I'm Dan and I inherited a wooden Stonehorse 23 from my dad several years ago. It is approximately 80% complete. My dad was unable to complete it and I'm going to attempt to soon. If you have any interior pictures you can share, I'd greatly appreciate them. If I hear back from you at salmonmandan@gmail.com, I'll send you some photos of my boat..