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Friday 11 February 2011

Chippendale Sprite

Thanks to Chris Partridge of Rowing for Pleasure blog who offers his Chippendale Sprite, Snarleyow.

It is a 15ft sliding seat rowing skiff, designed by Andrew Wolstenholme and made from a kit supplied by Jack Chippendale.

It must be close to being perfect as a recreational rowing boat. The hull is fast and easy to push along, light enough to car top and carry to the water, stable and capable of surviving the worst conditions Chichester Harbour has to offer.
The kit is easy to put together too - it is a simple stitch and glue assembly and the moulds cleverly become the boat's frames.

I made a kit up many years ago but didn't use it much because I was living miles away from the water, but when I moved down to Chichester I found another for sale. It got me back on the water, at just the right time. I think if I had carried on doing as little exercise as I was, I would have been carried off by a cardiac arrest by now.

Over the last ten years, Snarleyow has been in continuous use and has been a joy.

The Sprite is now supplied by Seabird Boats in Rye .

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