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Sunday 13 February 2011

Crinker - a Picarooner

'CRINKER' is a Gaff rigged sloop locally called a Picarooner, her hull was designed well over 100 years ago for fishing on the rugged north coast of Cornwall UK. It is believed the original sailing rig was a lug rig.

Apparently the name Picarooner means sea robber. She was designed to enable her to land her fish before the larger fishing boats by utilising her shallow draft. Some are reported to hold the record for herring catches.

Although CRINKER was built in Cornwall around 2001 in more modern materials, she still retains her classic lines with timber mast and spars made from solid Columbian Pine, hardwood gunwales, thwart and trim. She carries a small outboard motor that fits into a well in her stern. She also rows well.

Thanks to Tony for the words and photo's you can read more about Crinker on his web page.

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