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Thursday 17 February 2011

Vertue - Sally

Sally II is the second of the so-called Vertue class, not that the name was given to this Laurent Giles 5 tonner until after the war when she won the Little Ship Club Vertue trophy for an extraordinary voyage in and around the Western Approaches.

Since then Vertues have crossed oceans and circumnavigated a number of times.

Sally II is in the care of Adrian Morgan who can be found building boats and blogging about boats. he comments "however more modest in her achievements, having circumnavigated the Isle of Wight, (sally has) cruised Brittany and the Western Isles. She is best in a gale of wind..."

Thanks Adrian she is lovely and we miss her on the Hamble.


  1. Wow! Adrian knows his boats, doesn't he?
    This is fun, Max - can a guy post more than one boat?


  2. Sally misses the Hamble too. My old mooring opposite Mercury was a joy, after running back up the river, and sitting with a whisky in the cockpit, watching the boats return on a Sunday evening. The Elephant Boatyard... don't get me going.

    She was built to potter around the Solent, and although she's been to Brittany, the Western isles, Wales and who knows where else, I think she is happiest making modest voyages around the South Coast. But then sisterships have crossed the Pacific and beyond.

    There's more on Vertues on my website in the form of an article from YW some years ago: