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Tuesday 1 March 2011

Orange Boat

I’ve written about this fast cruiser on Burlesdon Blog a while ago and was very taken by the design when we first saw her in the Mediterranian. Designed by French Naval Architect Jean-Pierre Villenave she is a Turbo 950.

France is one of the most exciting centers of yacht design where many small scale designers are applying lessons and technologies from racing yachts to produce fast and capable cruisers. The Turbo 9.5 is one such design, built with strip plank construction, she is light, fast and from the look of her a blast to sail.

The pilot house design and flush deck is rightly popular and highly practical for cruising combining as it does low wind-age forward with a spacious deck space for working, especially useful when at anchor.

Details like the swivel seats at the transom are a practical response to the wide stern hull shapes which gives the yacht its planning ability and speed. Compared with the complication and cost involved with the twin wheels which are so often seen on modern yachts, a comfortable outboard seat with a tiller extension is a very refreshing, not to mention low cost, low maintenance solution, something many of us strive for in a cruising boat.

We know from fellow blogger Robert Wise on Boat Bits that the Orange Boat has left the Mediterranean and arrived safely in the Caribbean after crossing the Atlantic.

Jean-Pierre has designed a range of yachts many for amateur construction using ply wood as well as his smaller version the Turbo 650 meter which is a fast, low cost cruiser which would get a young family on the water and having a lot of fun.

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