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Sunday 20 March 2011


Russ Manheimer wrote with details of Sjogin and shame on me for not writing to Russ asking if we could include Sjogin earlier, having been a keen follower of his blog Hove to Off Swan Point.

Russ writes - Sjogin is a 22 foot Koster boat near as I can tell. I started bloging in 2005 in an effort to discover Sjogin's roots. Nothing definite yet but a great journey. And you meet the most interesting people along the way.

I sail on the upper reaches of Barnegat Bay, NJ, keeping Sjogin in commission year round with the help of a much loved wood stove and late summer refits. All you could want to know about Sjogin and my adventures with her stewardship can be found on my Blog, Hove to off Swan Point.

For the past year there's been a demand by certain members of the WoodenBoat Forum for building plans for a copy of Sjogin. As a result Paul Gartside is developing plans for traditional construction as well as a glued ply lapstrake version. Details can be found on this thread on the Wooden Boat Forum .

Below is Paul Gartside's drawing of the original sail plan, he has also drawn a gaff cutter and a yawl rig.


  1. She is an appealing little vessel for sure!

  2. Max,

    Thanks for including Sjogin in your list. An honor indeed.